The Crazy Easy Way To Talk ACP This Holiday Season

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    Are you ready to talk ACP this holiday season? If not, here’s a crazy easy way to get started…

    Sharing your wishes for end-of-life health care can bring you closer to the people you love—and it can help to ensure your choices are honored. It’s also the first step in advance care planning, or ACP.

    It’s an important conversation, and the Holidays are the perfect time to have it!

    But it isn’t always an easy conversation to have. It helps to be prepared.

    Download and print this Advance Care Planning (ACP) Bubble Map for a quick and simple way to begin the conversation during the Holidays. Don’t leave for Christmas vacation without it!

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    Click the image to download!

    Will You Talk ACP This Holiday Season?

    After you print your ACP Bubble Map and brainstorm your ideas, it’s time to share!

    The most important thing is to share your answers with a loved one. Ideally, the person who might speak on your behalf if you are unable to speak for yourself.

    From there, how wide you share is up to you.

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    If you feel comfortable, we’d love for you to share your responses with us so that we may share with others. (And if you don’t, that’s okay, too!)

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