19 Things We Learned When We Played “Hello” With Jethro Heiko And Pastor Corey

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    Earlier this month, My Life My Choices invited Pastor Corey Kennard and Jethro Heiko, the creator of the game Hello, to come to Columbia, South Carolina and help us share this wonderful game as a way to talk about end-of-life health care choices. These are just a few of the many things we learned in the process.

    1. “Hello” is a conversation game. It’s a safe, easy and fun way to talk about living, dying and what matters most to you.

    hello game jethro heiko photo 1
    All the gear you need to play “Hello.”

    2. The game can be played by as few as two people or as many as 50 in small groups.

    hello game jethro heiko photo 3
    “Hello” is most fun in groups of five or six.

    3. At some “Hello” events, participants are able to receive training in how to lead a game for others…

    hello game jethro heiko photo 4
    Marisette Hasan, BSN, RN of The Carolinas Center kicks us off.

    4. … And earn a certificate to host games of their own.

    hello game jethro heiko certification
    Hosting a game like “Hello” is a great way to build skills and get connected.

    5. Each player begins the game with a booklet containing 32 questions.

    hello game my life my choices booklet
    Every participant gets their own game booklet.

    6. The questions are designed to make you think about the important decisions we all have to face at the end of our lives.

    hello game jethro heiko booklet
    Definitely thought-provoking.

    7. There is a bonus question (number 33) that you don’t receive until the very end of the game — and we’re not about to spoil it.

    hello game jethro heiko question 33
    No spoiler alerts necessary.

    8. Players can give each other thank you chips at any time for any reason — or no reason at all.

    hello game my life my choices booklet
    The winner is determined by the number of chips they have at the end of the game.

    9. The seeds of “Hello” were planted 20 years ago when Jethro Heiko founded a bereavement support organization for college students following the death of his father.

    jethro heiko
    Jethro Heiko created “Hello” with his Common Practice business partner, Nick Jehlen.

    10. Jethro designed the game with his core mission in mind: develop easy-to-use tools that allow communities to directly create the change they wish to see in the world.

    jethro heiko
    Jethro does an excellent job of sharing his mission and vision.

    11. Pastor Corey Kennard of Amplify Church in Detroit loves “Hello” so much, he came to South Carolina to help share it.

    pastor corey kennard
    While in S.C. Pastor Corey facilitated a “Hello” meeting in Greenwood with community faith leaders.

    12. In 20 years of being a health care advocate, Pastor Corey has definitely figured out how to have fun and joke around.

    pastor corey kennard
    Pastor Corey co-created a national teaching module for understanding spirituality at the end of life for African-Americans and has over a decade of experience in the areas of Palliative Care and Hospice.

    13. Pastor Corey’s energizing speaking style isn’t just fun, it’s also a very motivating way to start a game of “Hello”!

    pastor corey kennard
    Pastor Corey frequently uses his smile while leading a spiritual care team at one of Detroit’s largest hospitals.

    14. Pastors and other faith leaders can use “Hello” as a way to help families better understand advance care planning.

    hello game donna testimonial
    Donna K. from Anderson.

    15. When it comes to Advance Care Planning, nothing is more important than dialogue.

    jethro heiko and pastor corey kennard
    Have you talked with someone else about your wishes for your end-of-life care?

    16. Death and dying are difficult topics to talk about, and “Hello” makes these crucial conversations easier, more comfortable and even enjoyable.

    jethro heiko teaching the hello game
    Who said conversations regarding your wishes at the end of your life couldn’t be fun?

    17. There are some end-of-life wishes that you can only discover by talking with others.

    Cheryle S. from Augusta.

    18. Common Practice has neat enamel pins that say things like “I Plan On Dying” and they are all available for sale on their website.

    hello game jethro heiko photo 2
    Starting at just $9!

    19. It is impossible to leave a “Hello” event without a whole bunch of new friends.

    hello game jethro heiko
    Some might even call it… family.